Occupational Health

One of the most important objectives of big industries is to produce more and high quality products while taking health, safety and environment, healthy manpower, protected from diseases and job accidents in a pollutant-free environment.

Ghaed Basir Petrochemical Products Company in Golpayegan considers health, safety and environment as public responsibilities and has placed development for a better life as its goal considering its organizational mission. In line with it, this company attempts to eliminate all the accidents and adverse effects of the environment and installation on individuals by creating a safe and an environment free of pollutions, and insure the production of high quality products by improving the processes.

Protection of work force, as the main development factor, against different pollutants in the workplace of industries such as petrochemicals is very important due to its special process nature to realize the goals “healthy human in the environment” and “healthy human, the axis of sustainable development”. In line with its great mission in this field, the HSE Management Unit of Ghaed Basir Petrochemical Products Company has focused its major activities on implementing the requirements after receiving the requirements of occupational health of the National Petrochemical Products Company proportionate with the operating and process conditions and considering the national and international requirements and absorbing the required manpower. To this end, it has achieved considerable advancement in this field and obtained the Safety and Health Management Certification by monitoring the implementation of the requirements through periodic audits, holding technical training workshops for the experts and providing the required hardware for the aforementioned items.

 The Most Important Programs Considering the Petrochemical Process and Operational Nature Include:

  • Monitoring the harmful factors and the pollutants in the workplace
  • Taking the necessary measures and follow-ups to control workplace pollutions
  • Continuous health auditing and monitoring of all units of the complex
  • Continuous monitoring of the employed personnel’s health in the units through periodic examinations to screen the occupational and non-occupational diseases among the employees
  • Improving the staff health and promotion of the culture of workplace health
  • Monitoring the diet, restaurant hygiene and catering contractors

 The Most Important Achievements of the Industrial Health

  • Recruiting full-time and experienced professional health specialists
  • Performing several engineering control projects to control the harmful factors in complex units
  • Continuous monitoring of the employees’ health through industrial medicine examinations on permanent and contract personnel
  • Continuous monitoring and auditing the implementation of occupational health requirements and occupational health programs and following their process of implementation
  • Monitoring and measuring the harmful factors in workplace (chemical, physical and ergonomic) in all units and determining employees level of exposure to these factors
  • Forming a safety, protection and occupational health committee and investigation of the items related to health problem solutions
  • Holding technical training courses on occupational health issues